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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mexico the 3rd and A Goodbye

Every year, for the last 3 years I get to hop on a 7am flight out of SeaTac
with a quick bounce threw San Francisco and a beautiful landing
in Puerto Vallarta with these two beautiful ladies and my mom.
This year my mom came early with two of her her amazing friends and scored us an awesome room.

Love this tradition 

Me and Molly

The view from our deck was breathtaking every night.
Storms would roll in with these beautiful blue grey clouds and
a lightning show.

Last year was amazing when we got to release one day old turtles to the ocean.
This year we took it to the next level

Around one in the morning we went down to the beach to see if any mamma turtles where laying eggs
It was dark, quiet and  beautiful.

Some of the hotels along the beach have protective hatcheries and staff that watch the beaches at night.
They spend all night collecting freshly laid eggs and moving them to a safe home in the hatchery.
A month or so later the little baby turtle break threw the sand, get gently collected and released to the ocean at sunset.

The person working that night was extremely kind enough to let us  hold a one minute old turtle and humored us when we asked him a thousand questions.

 His hand with a egg found that night.

While we where walking home in a I can't believe it daze we saw him stop on the beach and start stomping around.
We crouched down all sneaky style in the dark and watched...

Within minutes he flashed his flashlight at us and we ran over.

Beautiful, warm, soft eggs.
The mamma had come, laid her eggs and then quickly returned back the safety of the ocean.

Beautiful eggs, 110 of them.

Miles away at home my little family was having to deal with something much different.
While I was celebrating the amazing process of a new little turtle starting its journey,
My husband and kids where having to say goodbye to our very loved Birdie who passed away while I was gone.

The same amazing bird that walked down the sidewalk 5 years ago and adopted us.
The same bird that loved our dog, yelled at Doug and adored me and my kiddos.
She even went for a road trip this year with us to Montana. 

A year ago we found out she had a tumor and the vet thought she only had weeks.
She showed us how strong a little creature can be a made it over a year.

They said goodbye and tucked her away in a safe place until I got home.
When I got home we decorated  heart shaped rocks for her.

Laid them in the perfect hole we dug for her.
Placed her on them and said our goodbyes.

The kiddos did great.
We where all very sad but it was the perfect closure to an awesome bird.

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  1. Wow, how amazing about seeing the baby turtles. I teach third grade and I swear this week we are reading a book called Turtle Bay in our reading curriculum and it's all about taking care of a beach for some turtles to come and lay eggs. I told all the kids how much I would love it to be able to see that with my own eyes, and you have!!


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