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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

back....counting down until next time...

Our time spent in Montana was even better this year.
The amazing  B family survived the very long drive over and spent a week with looking for turtles, swimming, swimming and swimming.
I love that friends can become family.
Love you B family!!

Years later Emilie still looks like she just walks off the end of the dock.

Molly is all about safety first.
She would wake up and put her life jacket on.

On our first day home I found her wearing her life jacket in our tiny blow up pool.

Another addition I made this year was hammocks.
I love hammocks and the view from this one was perfect.
This quickly became Colin's favorite afternoon location.

Whenever I could get a chance my lazy bones where in it.
{I need to start hiding the phones when I take pictures}

The days spent at the lake are very lazy and perfect. Nothing is too important and the kiddos usually spend the day swimming and gathering random things. The one thing Colin has to do everyday is ride his four wheeler with his dad. That is truly one of his favorite things.
While they where on one of their adventures the girlies and I
made a fort for book reading and snoozing.

Emilie was able to fit in some painting between swimming and laying around.
She finally found her focus this summer. Before this summer she hated coloring, painting or really anything that took more than 5 minutes.
Now she will spend 10 minutes on something.

Colin found many hours in the days to draw.
I love that drawing is his go to decompression activity. He waked up drawing, falls asleep drawing and takes a few hours in the middle to draw. I wish I could draw. I can barely draw a stick figure and in a few minutes Colin whips out this awesome picture of the lake.

Another new addition to the lake was a power boat.
My size power boat.
I'm not a big fan of human size motor boats.
I am a huge fan of this size.
So is this little dude.

Every morning he would check to see if the battery was charged, throw on his life jacket and race it around the dock.

So cute.

We said our goodbyes to the B family and our hellos to Auntie and cousin Jack. 

I can not imagine my life with out my sister.
She would move the moon for me and I would defiantly try to do the same for her.
She loves my kids as her own and can always find a way to make me laugh. Even if it at myself.
Love you Ann Marie!

Her son Jack is an amazing kid.
He is my kids hero and in return he is funny, fun, kind  and PATIENT with them.
We love you Jack!

This summer Emilie brought her riding legs and a very brave spirit. She rode he bike on trails and got on Colin's 4wheeler.

Maxie dog turned 7 this year and he is starting to show his age. 
He still loves to swim and jump off of the dock but with age he has also gotten wiser.
He knows when he can just wait for a ball.

Sometimes you need to just wait and be happy with that.
I'm still trying to learn that skill.
One day....

You can see more of our trip over at intsagram. 
I'm @my3littleducks. 
I find myself pulling out my phone more and more lately instead of my big camera.
Our summers our like the movie Groundhogs day.
After awhile all of the pictures are the same.

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