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Monday, July 16, 2012

million other things

I try to get on here. 
Every time I sit down to type I think of a million other things I should be doing.
Like hanging with one of these jokers

or finishing an order from one of my amazing customers.
My work hours are mostly 9 pm -12am and surprisingly still loving it.
I love hearing from a customer that the blanket I made for them is very loved and making a giant difference in their lives!!
So cool and so perfectly timed.

These three little's have been very patient with  me making blankets for others.
They know how important these blankets are and are truly excited for the kiddo that it is going to.
Even if I tell them its for a grownup they just assume that it is going to the kiddo in the home.

Thankfully we are heading back to Montana in a few days and I can spend more one on one time with each amazing one of them.

and their dad.

There will be blankets to be made but I hope to be doing a lot of this.

I need to wake up every morning and remind myself that they are little for a very short time and
Even though they, life, everything can be VERY hard sometimes this is the one shot I have to live those everything's.

My work shift is almost over....time to clock out.

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  1. Your work hours sound a lot like mine except I get silly every night and do overtime ;) your blankies are beautiful!


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