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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iphone dump

Lately I've been using my phone more and more to take pictures.
I love all of the different editing presets and of course Instagram.
Its also fun seeing them off of my camera and on a bigger screen.

Here is some from the last few weeks

Beautiful poppy, Emilie recovering from a sprained ankle, yummy wine with a great message.
Me and Emilie enjoying my new sari blanket from the amazing company, Colin's gift to dad on fathers day, Molly's gift was some extra sleep and lots of blankets.
Nasty sliver, Drive in day at school. So much fun! Love his Duck boat.

Just when I thought I changed everything in my house.
I was wrong. 
The best was yet to come! I did this last Friday and I still can't believe I had never thought of it before. This kitchen coat closet is now a perfect pantry for us!

In less then 30 minutes it will be Wednesday and the last day my little dude is a first grader.
Slow down time!
Have a great Wednesday!

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