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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In no special order and MY SHOP IS OPEN!!

My shop is finally open!!
I can't believe I did it. I'm super excited and a little scared. Ill write more tomorrow about weighted blankets and why they are so amazing.

I've been cleaning up my computer and  found a ton of great pictures that got lost in folders.
So here they are in no special order.


Our version of wine tasting. 
Every couple had to bring a bottle over $20 and under $20.
Then we drank and tried to guess which where over and which where under.
(the cardboard is hiding the bottles)

While the little's looked for Easter eggs Allie practiced her javelin throws.

Allie (who is graduating from high school today) and her mom, and my sister.

Kiddos with their grandpa.


Now some fun Gig Harbor beach photos

Smallest starfish I have ever seen. 
They were everywhere.



Love that bird!
She is amazing and still going strong.


The girls entertained each other while we watched Allie throw the javelin.


We have been doing a ton of baking.


We said out goodbye to Grammy and Jeff at Fisherman's Terminal and made a new friend while we where there.
Jeff headed back up to Alaska to fish for the summer and mom went with him for the Journey north.


The rain has been insane this year. 
It seems like for every sunny day we get 5 rainy days
Bubbles kinda make it better

Emilie graduated preschool this month and I'm sorta sad about it.
I can't believe she is going to be in kindergarten next year.


This cute LEGO builder makes it very hard to get my ironing done.

I got to see Allie (5) play Volleyball for the last time as a highschooler at the UW tournament  last month and she was amazing!!

My birthday was last month and my family and friends made it perfect.
Thank you!!

Last week all three kiddos got to do their photo shoot for the amazing See Kai Run shoe company and then we celebrated Allie at her graduation party.
Everyone was very tired by the time that weekend was over.

My favorite decoration that my sister did for the party was this clothes line with Allies clothes from when she was little and the pictures of her wearing the outfits tagged to the clothes.

Amazing and perfect!

Me and my amazing niece.

Me, sister, mom and Allie

What an amazing month May was.
It went by so fast but was fantastic!!

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