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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday camera/phone dump

{I realized this morning that I should link up with   KSW over at her amazing blog and her life in an instant post.
she is amazing and so is her blog!}

Emilie had her last preschool father-daughter night a couple of weeks ago.
She was so cute!
The theme was cowgirl and she owned it.
Just like her Auntie Ann she had the perfect outfit with the perfect accessories for the occasion.

I love how the boots gave her an awesome strut.

St. Patricks day came and went and was pretty mellow.
Gold coins got tosses around, milk and eggs where turned green.

{The coin hidden in the wreath is still there}

I love, love, love this Plumen light bulb in the lamp above the white wreath.

While stuff was turning green inside, white stuff was falling outside.

The snow didn't phase my beautiful clover.

Or the 50+ uninvited house guest that will not leave.

 I love watching this little guy fall in love with reading.

We spent the whole weekend inside.
 While Colin read to us I sorted Lego's.
{From this}

 {To this}

We made, decorated and ate cookies

 Then rounded out the weekended with some crafts

Little miss Molly had her last swim lesson for the season.
I wish I could say she was sad.

Emilie got to ride outside for the first time and loved it!

She is super cute even when she is cleaning stalls.

Such a great little girl.

Have a great week!


  1. I love this little family!! I am so grateful they are mine!

  2. Hey woman, trying to talk with you on my FB page but it wouldnt let me tag you :( Was trying to tell you I stopped by yesterday and loved this post so much! Your photos and family always make me smile, I'd love for you to join the Life in an Instant link up -- these are just the sort of moments I'm hoping folks will share with us :) Having a harder time than I thought finding folks who like to share posts like this. It would be awesome to have you there

  3. fun photos shared =) I love the pool photo. They are all great though.

  4. Such a cute cowgirl! And the legos are impressive- though that wouldn't last long here!


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