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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to the land of very little sun

I've been procrastinating updating my blog because once I did those awesome California pictures would be pushed down my blog and I wasn't ready to see them go. 
But the time has come and I needed to update my little 'ol blog so here are some nice but dreary pacific Northwest pictures.

We took advantage of the one non downpour day to head on down to Northwest Trek. which is a very cool local animal zoo. Its always a great place to stretch our winter legs. The last time we went was last spring and Molly was just over a year. This time was a very different experienced for all of us.

This is only one of  the 40 pictures of buffalo that Doug took. thank you delete button.

Part of the zoo is seen by riding the trek bus. Last year Molly was asleep on my chest in the Ergo and this year she was hanging out the window most of the time or trying to pull the emergency stop cord. The first few pictures are mostly of Molly because I was on Molly duty and it was just easier to take pictures of her.

I seeeeeee. which is what Molly says 90% of the time

Note the yellow child ID bracelet. Love them! We also have reusable ones which Emilie and Colin had on but in true Dana fashion I couldn't find Molly's

Hey Ladies!

One of the 3 mountain goats we got to see.

I seeeeeeee

Hey Guys!

Colin has always loved maps. Now that he can read them they are even better!

Where's Molly?

Oh, thats right. Bitter and in her ride.

For years I have had a chance to admire all of these amazing animals. Now it's fun to see it from a little ones view.

No one could tell her it wasn't alive. they were having a great conversation 

Sleepy girl

Even though it wasn't sunny So. Cal. It was still great and fun to be back with the family. 
Plus there was a krispy kreme on the way to the park. Nothing quite better then 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed doughnuts. Oh wait! There is. I just had a #2 at the in-n-out in La Verne. 
I really need to start running again....
And I really need it to be sunny.

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  1. You and me both need the sun! Sam


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