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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The best medicine is the sun!

I woke up this morning feeling like a giant pile of poop. The left side of my head feels like it was hit with a 2 by four and my jaw feels like it is being jabbed over and over. Awesome.
But, when we pulled back the curtains we found tons of beautiful sunshine pouring in and there was no way we were going to waste another day hanging around the house.
In the car we tumbled and away we went to the zoo.
Anyone who knows me knows that I hate crowds. And on this sunny morning at the zoo there was NO ONE THERE!! HURRAY for me!!
We had a great time. I even found 15 bucks in the parking lot which payed for our carousel ride, twice.

We even got to UN-stroller the Molly.

The kiddos were really good about always holding her hand

Love her little top knot

Colin looks so old in this picture

I love how this picture shows each of their personalities

I'm always amazed at the great views the pacific northwest has to offer

carousel iPhone pictures

After we got home I was in need of some liquid sunshine. I feel like I have been sick for so long... or at least since September and I need to start making even more changes.
I've always loved juicing anything and everything but I need to start doing it everyday until I get through this cold/flu season.
Even the kiddos tried them.



Emilie favorite!

cheers to all of you and your health!!


  1. I love these. These make me smile. I miss you. Me

  2. Ah...what a good momma you are!! I know you can't afford to be sick either...with the hubs gone. Hope you feel better. I wish we lived close to a zoo!!

  3. Today I got outside with the girls, and I felt like a new women from just being in the sun!


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