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Thursday, January 13, 2011

you know I have...

Young kids in the house because I  have a giant card board play house in the living room instead of a couch. And I am totally OK with it.

And more pillow pets then kids.
In my defense they are crazy soft and i have a weakness for the lady bug one.

I have a potty in the Kitchen
And my almost 2 year old would rather sit on it with her clothes on and read Seattle's child magazine instead of peeing in it.

 It is a great free magazine. And you know I love all things free.

the treat jar has pretty washable crayon's in it instead of treats

there is always some sort of mini muffins cooling on the counter.
I know they are upside down. I don't know why but I always Cool them this way.

I pick and enjoy my wines based on how cute the labels are.

There are always at least 5 avocados bathing on my window sill, trying to soak up as much sun the pacific northwest can offer in January

Next to the coolest hobo ever

And I can't leave out the wall of endless pictures

Flanked by the "it has a mind of its own" top of the stairs gate

and last but not least the cutest pair of Adidas Samba's always left in the middle of the kitchen

Brought to you by:
I didn't do it Colin

I'm too cute right after I have woken up from a nap to have done it, Emilie

And the of course I did it, Molly

I hope your house has as much kid evidence as mine!
Happy Friday!


  1. Love this one!! I'm going to come up with my own list of Kid Evidence and post it just for you. And the pics of your little guys are too adorable for words. It always makes me happy to hear about them since they are the same ages as my brood. Glad to see you're having just as much fun too!

  2. Your kiddos are gorgeous! I love posts like these...the chance to see into a fellow mother's home and life is always fun and often encouraging to me.


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