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Saturday, January 8, 2011

rain, rain....

go away, coming again another day....
Last year Emilie was singing this song and stopped half way through it and said with hunched over shoulders "Ah never mind it never works."
And she was right, it never works. this time of year the rain just keeps coming.

for Christmas the kiddos each got an umbrella to help in our daily march up the hill to the bus stop. In the rain.

So out we went with our new umbrellas taking them on their madden voyage.
I always forget that Molly is still a toddler and can't do everything that the other two do. Our normal 5 minute walk without umbrellas took 15 minutes with. Thank goodness we had plenty of time to figure it out. This little one is as stubborn as me if not more and she was going to figure it out all by herself.  as she says "I try! I do! mama."

Even Emilie knows to keep her distance.

Great job Molly!! You did great!

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