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Friday, September 3, 2010

The season is changing...

There are so many awesome things about living in the Pacific Northwest.
The Mellow Summers and the amazing falls are just two of those reasons.
This is Molly's first fall as a walker and expert blackberry picker/eater. Its a little early for these tasty berries but here they are. Tiny and tart. Just the way we like them

Emilie's face pretty much tells the whole story
I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face a few second before this one but my iPhone isn't as fast as Nikon.
Molly and Max(in the background) could care less of what we are doing as long as we are all together.

This picture of the family is crazy cool. I did nothing but take the picture. My phone did all the rest. And it wasn't an app just my phone acting on its own. I like how it looks like an oil painting.

This last week has been such a hard week. Doug was gone again and I some how came down with Pneumonia. My amazing friends once again stepped in for me and Molly watched my kiddos Friday morning while Sam took my to the ER and hung out with my while I got 3 bags of fluid and some great narcotics. My poor husband came home Friday night to a useless wife and three very excited kiddos.
I'm slowly getting better. Lots of antibiotics and today a CT scan. Hopefully by the end of the day they can tell me why its getting worse and not better. At least the fevers are long gone and I can enjoy beautiful days like today with my family. It's the not being able to run that is killing me. This is the PERFECT running weather. If it wasnt for the fact that I cough up a lung even if I walk up the stairs I would try to sneak out for a jog.

Checking out from life for 5 days did have its perks. I watched a TON of TV, lost 8 lbs and have a whole new level of patients for my kiddos. And since I can't putter around the house all day we have been reading a ton of books and doing a lot of puzzles.

Getting sick when you are older does truly suck. Sunday I threw out my back , shoulder and neck coughing. And no matter how you try, when you cough that hard you look really silly. It reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode when his girlfriend who likes to walk around naked has a coughing fit and they show everything moving in slow motion. So funny! Does any one else remember that?

Well, I'm off to love on the day some more and start counting nickles for the ice cream lady. 4 dollars in nickels is a whole lotta change.


  1. Yep, getting old is hell! :)

    I love the differences in Emilie and Molly's faces!

  2. I love the family picture. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Oh my! This post started out so magical and wonderful and then BOOM! I sure hope you're feeling better now and that dad being home again has made things easier on you. You are right, getting sick as we get older is a whole new kind of awful and not to mention how just plain old it makes you feel. Here's hoping will both be running again soon.

  4. Wow..the family picture is very cool!!

    I am so very sorry you have been so sick. (and alone at that) I know that Pneumonia can take quite awhile to heal from. Glad that you aren't having the fevers anymore...those are just the pits. Here's to hoping that you can kick this thing in the butt!

  5. p.s.. I just looked over at your google ads and 3 out of 4 of them are about lung cancer. Hmmm....obviously they are not reading your blog carefully! ;) It's PNEUMONIA people!! ;)


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