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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Portland...and beyond...

Last week the kiddos and I decided to head south to Portland to hang out with our amazing neighbor...who was in Portland hanging with her mom.
It was exactly what we needed. To get out of the house, be spontaneous and go for it!
The kiddos loved every minute of it. The new parks, a new grandma, sleepovers and new toys( or at least new to them)
Even the Popsicle truck was better. I think everything is better when you are with your friends.

We went into the city to play in the amazing Portland fountains

Colin's favorite part was riding the trolley to the other fountain

they even have cool signs

Molly went on her first hike (using her own feet and not riding on my back)and did great. She kept up with the big kids and smiled the whole way. With a stop every once in awhile to check out a cool bird. Here she is chatting it up with an owl.

We even had a crazy, weird drive home. Our 3 hour drive ended up taking 6 hours because the freeway was shut down due to a 7 semi-truck accident and a women going into labor. I would still go back!


Once we finally got home we  got to see Doug who was gone all week.
Once we all rolled out of bed Sunday morning we headed out to the city to the Museum of flight.
Where else can you hitch a ride on the Concorde and...

Air Force cool

I let Molly out of the stroller a couple of times when I was feeling brave. I love this picture because it shows how she goes, goes, and goes...

Emilie's favorite part of the whole museum...

After walking what felt like a ton of miles we sat down for some lunch and watched airplanes takeoff and land from Boeing field

I love this (mine) little boy sooooo much...


the next day we ventured out to the aquarium and I just can't bring myself to post those pictures (they were taken on my iphone) but here is some photos of our after aquarium dinning at Red Robin.

Emilie fell in love with this little crown while we where at Pike's Market

then she wanted to dance, dance, dance

Colin got to pick out a wooden model

And I once again followed my taste buds to something I saw on the Food Network Channel

Phew....What a crazy weekend....But a TON of fun

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