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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday snapshot

Ni Hao Y'all

I love being apart of Ni Hao Y'all's Sunday Snapshot.

I'm staring to realize that my Sundays mornings are almost always just me, coffee and Emilie.
She wakes up every Sunday morning with a plan she needs to start in motion.
This morning was the ice cream shooters that she got at Kate's 5Th birthday party last night.


She quickly moved onto {save the castle} where she has been ever since.

{I added these later in the morning}
These little ice cream bowls also came from the birthday party.
 Colin wanted his pancakes in the bowl, and Emilie did not.
 I worry sometimes that she only does things because Colin does. It was nice to hear this morning that she had her own thoughts about food placement

I added this morning shot from Saturday morning.
 Daddy only got 3 hours asleep but the kiddo's didn't care, they are just glad he is home....All day.

Have a great morning!


  1. Super cute! She is adorable and that castle looks super fun.

  2. Great have a beautiful family. Have wonderful Sunday!

  3. Your daughter does a wonderful job of entertaining herself, gotta love that!
    So glad you joined in again this week for the Sunday Snapshot fun... it's great to get to know your littles a bit better!
    P.S. Can I come over for breakfast some time? Maybe it's just because I'm hungry, but that breakfast you're servin' up looks deee-licious!!

  4. Love the 'ice cream shooters'!!!
    My girls would just love to have some of those!!!


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