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Friday, April 30, 2010

What the?!?

Thursday morning I woke up to a warm freezer. No, No, No that can't be right. I must bumped then temperature gage. Maybe I left the door open all night.  Hmm no frost...
S*#t, S*#t, S*#t!!
Thank god for the Internet. Friday morning starting at 530 am I searched the Web for a cure for my poor warm fridge.
Then I found this awesome site and found my fridges fix!!
Sears said the part would take a week...Really dude....My fridge is WARM!
Then I found my part here. I grabbed a kiddo for the car pool lane and off we went to North Seattle. It was 130 pm and I had to be back by 4 so Doug could go to work.

Please work, Please work.
Hurray it works. I love that fabulous hum sound of a working fridge.
And we saved sooooo much money doing it ourselves. They wanted to charge me $119 to just tell me what was wrong with my fridge. And the part was only 40 bucks!

Now...What do I do with all of that thawed food...

They enjoyed then aftermath of the fridge drama.
I can's say it enough...I love the internet!


  1. Yum!

    I quoted you this morning on my Baby Activity post! =)

  2. Wow - you were rather busy. We do the same thing with wall paint behind the fridge.

  3. Found you from the Mom Loop...your kiddos are so cute! Sorry about the freezer but at least you got it fixed quickly! Not sure how we ever lived without the internet!

  4. I know....the information highway at the tips of our fingers!!


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