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Saturday, April 10, 2010

End of day...

We ended the day with some driveway chalk. Our selection of chalk was very slim. Once November hits at our house we are never in the back yard. It is always raining and the only time someone (Doug) goes back there is to pick up dog poo once a day. Once the rain starts where ever the toys where when we left them that last day is how we find them in April.  Usually with a slime layer and almost always some rust. Maybe this winter I will change that tradition and winterize the toys.
Today I found the chalk it a bucket of water, some under the sand table and the last straggler under some play chips. This is the 3rd season for this batch of chalk so I think we aren't doing to bad. Tomorrow I am going to surprise the kiddos with some new chalk.
With all that driveway and sidewalk the preferred canvas was tagging their jeep.
Do as the locals...

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