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Monday, March 8, 2010

Poor Max...

This sweet fir ball tries so hard.
For almost three years Max and I where apart of a Search dog team for the local search and rescue. Every training Max gave 100%. The moment I put on his orange collar with a bell and orange vest he knew what to do and set off looking for someone who was lost. Or at least to Max someone who would give him treats and would play with him and his beloved toy.
But even though Max gave 100% I did not. When I was out in the woods hiding at a training waiting for a sweet wet nose to come find me all I wanted to do was be home with my family. In the 3 years with the team I had Emilie, lost my dad, donated a kidney, and had Molly. My heart wasn't in. So I resigned and poor Max is the one who is missing out. Plus the team because Max is awesome! :-)
So  back to why poor Max... when we go running because of where we live and because he looks like a little black bear I put on his collar with a bell and his orange vest. The words SEARCH DOG on the vest are long scratched off from years of crashing brush but he doesnt care. Once all of this gear is on him he thinks its time to work. The whole hour we are running he is darting back and forth finding different scents and loving every minute of it. 
Today was perfect conditions. A little chilly and breezy. Poor Max found a papa with his grandson and two random teenagers.
I think tomorrow I will bring treats for Max.
Its the least I can do for the best Damn dog ever!


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