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Sunday, March 28, 2010

going to the dump...

Colin learned a ton this weekend running errands with his dad.
First stop: The county transfer station. Colin loves the dump! On this trip to the dump he asked a ton of questions. Why does the recycling go there. Why does the yard waste go here? Why are we throwing trash in here when we could recycle it over there? That's a great question Colin! This is something we are going to try really hard to do better. We are already doing really good. We barely fill up our small trash can every week on trash day but we do fill up our two big recycle bins. This week I am going to try to buy less packaging and see if we can bring the recycling amount down too.  Thank goodness we compost!
Next stop: Donation station. Bye, bye clothes and toys. Colin really liked the idea that they where going someplace they would be loved.
Next stop: Food Bank. Even though we only had a few things to give it was great for Colin to see how appreciative they where.
Next stop: Car store to recycle used motor oil.  Doug changes the oil in our cars and with that he has to get rid of the waste.
Final stop: Home.  Colin was home about 10 minutes and he was already reliving the day. He loaded up his ride and they where heading to the dump. He said that his little family is very careful and they only had stuff that needed to be recycle.

I love seeing that he gets it!!
It was made even better today when we where at the store and he had his dollar in his little hand and he asked if he could put it in the clear jar at the checkout so he could help the kid on the jar.
Love you tons Colin!! You made me a mom and you make me proud everyday.

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  1. ok, first i have to say that i LOVE your new pic! second, i think it's so important to teach kids about things like that, too. we do that with kate, and we hear her repeat it at other times, and it's a good feeling as a parent.


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