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Sunday, February 7, 2010


We had a great first week of February. Or at least I did. Back in October the fabulous shoe company See Kai Run  had a casting call for local kiddos 9 mo - 3 years. I saw this and could not get the girls pictures to them fast enough. They picked Molly to come back for a test shoot and paper work. In the end they said she was to young. They wanted kiddos who could at least stand holding on to something. Either way it was a lot of fun. But...Last week they sent me an e-mail asking if Molly could model one of their onesies. YEAH!!
I know it sounds like I am trying to groom Molly for Toddler's and Tiara's. Not at all!! I am super cheep, but when it comes to my kiddos shoes I have such an addiction. For our time we got to pick 2 pairs of shoes!! Hurray for shoes! And because See Kai Run is such an awesome company they gave us an extra red pair and we got to keep the onesie. This is the picture I took when we got home so that I could send them a thank you. I almost wish it was me rolling around in the new beautiful shoes.
Thanks See Kai Run for giving Molly an experience that is all hers.


  1. Oh, sweetness! Molly is such a doll and she was so easy to work with!

  2. Did you see my new header photo? We're total See Kai Run (from the consignment stores) FREAKS! It all started when someone bought us a brand new pair and gave them to us at my first born's baby shower. I even bought a pink pair for my "girl box" of clothes...if we ever get a girly girl! $4.99 baby. $4.99


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