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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Emilie!

I am the biggest procrastinator!!  I need a shirt that instead of saying Super MOM it would say Super PROCRASTINATOR! I would order one but I would put if off for so long that I would forget that awesome idea.
Back to Emilie and her birthday. Her big day was on Sunday. I was at Toys R Us getting her present at 845 PM Saturday night. Then Safeway at 1030PM getting cake ingredients.
                                        Then stayed up until 12 decorating then room 
for this....
She was so surprise!
 She was so sweet. Loved all of it, the flowers, decorations, and of course presents!
Or at least the box it came in.....

All of this was before 9am. We heading off for her first family party at my sisters home at 12
Presents!!! Playing outside in her pretty dress and a GIANT cupcake.
Next stop was Aunt Sally & Uncle Tom's for another great bday party and...
Another giant cupcake....She is still detoxing from the sugar.

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  1. Happy Birthday Emilie! I can't believe you are three. I keep thinking about when I first really got to know you and you were learning to walk and you were unsure and wanted to get away from me but struggled with turns and forward motion. :)

    This was followed by the first time I watched you. In all my experience of babysitting; you are the first kid that has ever scared me. I am glad that as you are getting older your attraction to risk and danger has lessened. - Sam


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