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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ah man, it was clean... #21

My poor husband. I have a bad habit of changing things around in the house and not telling him. I change where the drinking cups are. I change where the Tupperware is stored. So on and so on.
Another room I am always trying to make better is our laundry room.Trying different baskets and putting them in different places in the very small room.
One of the many things that hubby does to help is grab any dirty clothes that are left on the stairs up to the laundry room. Once there he throws the clothes into a basket. Usually on top of a basket of clean clothes.
To solve that situation (its only a problem to me) is that I am going to try to put a CLEAN sign on the basket or baskets that have clean clothes in them.

Baskets of clean clothes

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