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Monday, January 25, 2010

So Different...

I am always amazed at how different my kiddos are from each other. They spend 24 hours together and yet are still their own little person.
I took this picture of Colin because he really thought he could find the train he was looking for if he got in the tub with all of the pieces. I think he did end up finding it this way. Good job buddy!!

Emilie can take the easiest thing and make it a crazy mess.
 All this was, was a little bagel with peanut butter on it.
When she isn't eating she hates it if her hands are dirty and she can't
go more than a couple hours without brushing her teeth.

What will Molly's little quirks be?
So far when she cruises around she always has a matchbox car in her hand and when she is done drinking her bottle she giggles and tosses it. Really Molly....

Kids are great!
 One day they will sit back and talk to each other about what a crazy old lady I am.

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