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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning cup of, Bottle?

Starting around 7am everyday there is movement in our home. Some loud some quiet. When Colin was born it was just him. We had every morning and all day to just enjoy him. Emilie came along and I still had quiet time with her. Colin still napped and he slept in until 8 most mornings. When I needed him occupied all I had to do was put on a Little Einstein show. Then came Molly. Quiet time with Molly was in the hospital those first few days. Colin & Emilie love to entertain Molly, even when they aren't trying she is still looking for them. Its really neat to see her looking around the room for them whenever we come down stairs. At one of Molly's well baby check ups her doctor asked how much formula she is getting? Honestly I wasn't sure. Maybe 12 oz a day? Now if you know Molly you would agree she is not malnourished. At 10 months she is 22 lbs. Still that wasn't enough for her age. Hmm I thought how am I going to get more in her. She hates the car so I could always fill up a 20 oz-er and prop it in her mouth and drive to my sisters everyday. She hates the car so much she doesnt even notice Colin or Emilie and loves her bottle. Or, I could give her a bottle right when she wakes up and she can hang in her crib drinking it and slowly waking up after her naps instead of being bombarded by two very happy toddlers to see her.  Lately after the naps I have been changing her diaper while she drinks her bottle. We use cloth for her so it always takes me forever to change her diaper especially after a nap and now I am getting two things done at once!!  What are the two crazy toddler doing during this amazing quiet quality time I am having with Molly. I'm not sure. Usually playing cars, doll house or eating. If I hear them start to fight I quietly tell then to knock it off. They can hear me because the baby monitor is on and it is hilarious hearing them say," where did mom-moms voice come from?"
Hopefully I am making Molly's day a little better by doing this. I know if I had a cup of coffee brought to me every morning in bed and everyone quiet for a few minutes, my day would be perfect.
Here is to that morning cup and your perfect day!

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