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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The First Week Back...

Its been fun getting back in to the swing of things. Colin loved sharing his trip with his friends at school and he even tried to wear his Hawaiian shirt everyday.
We even brought the sun home with us. Your welcome :-)

My first full day home was spent replacing Doug's 2nd love. He fell on it while jogging in Kauai. The lava rock that stopped his fall is what did the most damage.
The folks at the Apple store where fantastic! If my brain could handle learning a new language I would have walked out of there with a Mac. But I love my PC too much to leave him. Yes its a boy and his name is awesome.

The sun was such a treat this week that after soccer in Redmond we went to whole foods to do some shopping and enjoy some messy ice cream.

Poor Molly...Hopefully she grows into those teeth. Thank goodness her personality is FANTASTIC!

Emilie wanted to be a big helper today and help me clean the kitchen. It would have been great if she hadn't complained the whole time....
Poor Cinderella

Little Cinderella did make it out to her version of the ball and played outside with her bro.

Emilie said she was "the digger guy" and when I asked Colin what he was he stuck a pose and said "worker guy". I guess this is what he thinks "worker guys" look like.

It was a beautiful evening in the Valley.
Sleep well...

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  1. Yes. We're a mixed family too. My hubbs currently opperates 2 macs and I opperate the PC which he still has to use sometimes. Hmmm... see we just need one PC!!! Our 3 kids will share a room since MAC and PC each need their own office in our 4 bedroom home. LOL. It may change though!?


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