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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here I go...

I have become addicted to reading blogs and yes even twitter. I think they are all fabulous! I have learned so much from reading about how other people live and raise their kiddos. How did my mom ever raise me with out being able to read a blog about food choices and diaper options. Good job mom!!

Today I tried starting this blog at 730 am. Before the first sentenced was typed out my son came up to me and said "excuse me mom, could you help me find some cars up stairs in my room?" The reason why I am telling you this is because in 5 years my son has never said "excuse me mom". I smiled all the way up the stairs. Maybe I am doing something right!! It only takes little things to make this mom happy. Colin is getting better. He doesn't whine as much as he did yesterday. He goes to bed without throwing a fit and sometimes he doesn't interrupt me when I am on the phone. Colin is a constant reminder that my kids are growing up. Too fast some days and not fast enough other days.

I decided today that I need to start organizing our home. 5 people in a 2000 sq foot home can get tight. Especially when 3 of them are kids and their toys are almost as big as their voices. I wanted to start small so I opened up the up stairs hall closet where Colin parks his vehicles and in I went. I that closet I finally found Emilie's birth certificate!! Doug's passport our wedding photos and about a billion other things.

I know the finished product doesn't seem like much but I took a ton of stuff out of that closet and Colin can park the rest of his fleet of vehicles. Like I said before, the little things.
Hopefully I will get to the really scary parts of the house. My closet and under the spare bed in Molly's room.
I hope this blog brings some sunshine into your day or at least fills up some spare time.

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  1. welcome to blogger blogger world. you're gonna love it. it's addictive! xoxoxo Great job on the closet!


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