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Thursday, April 4, 2013

February and March

February and March flew by.

We started February off celebrating Emilie's 6th birthday.

{I can't believe this was her a year ago.}

She has grown so much physically and Emotionally this year.
She still amazes me everyday and I love her more with each passing day.

We also celebrated a new addition to Emilie and Molly's bedroom in February. 
My uncle created this amazing barn for her birthday.
It turned out more amazing then any of could have wished for.

We finished off February with Molly's 4th birthday.

Even though home-girl does some crazy stuff during the day she is the kindest and funnest little girl I have ever known.

We spent a lot of March relaxing at the cabin.
It is the perfect place for me to go and not think about work.
I  just enjoy my family.

Even Paisley got some extra relaxing in.

Colin has gotten really good at skipping rocks/sand dollars
Way better then me.

Max is still the best dog ever.

Molly is so good with the sea stars this year.
Last year she was pulling legs off every time she touched one. It got to a point last year I would be running toward every sea star to protect them from her.

Paisley....Her life is really hard

These two have come so far together this year.
Less yelling/screaming and a lot more talking and playing.

This was her favorite treasure find


Itie bitie sea star.
Look real close

Lots of super groovy purple ones 

Tons of hermit crabs

We welcomed April in  by spending Easter with family and friends that have become family at the cabin.

Heading out to the sand

To play catch and explore.
Love it when the tides goes out

 morning boat run

Fun Easter egg hunt on the beach

Tiny oysters

Brave girl

Amazing family

They are defiantly keepers

Crazy stairs that thankfully we never have to go up.

Had to toss in this last picture of Duke.
Max's bro came and hung with us for the weekend too and as always he was fantastic.

Happy spring!!

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