Colin, Emilie & Molly

They make me laugh everyday...

Sunday, January 27, 2013


 This month has flown by!!
I can not believe February is just around the corner.

Only a few pictures where taken this month. 
Almost all of them by my phone.

I will NEVER go back to the Seattle Costco
It was the most intense Costco I have ever been to.
Even the employee's seemed pissed off.
At least they have a cool view.

Best dog...ever

Little Miss actually stopped and looked at a book

For about 5.6 seconds.
Then she went back to being her normal self.

Play Mobil cracks me up!
They are so literal and fantastic.
Emilie's horse set came with poop.

I still have the hobo set above my sink in the kitchen. 
He is too fantastic not to.

Yep, we got the flu.
Molly and I where taken down...hard.
Thankfully we are on the mend and feeling a lot better.

For two nights I was Molly's room mate and slept in Emilie's bed.
This is how Emilie had her stuff set up at the end of her bed.
Right back at you horse in the middle.

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