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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy birthday!

This little cutie turned 7 this weekend.
(Pictures from Colin's 1st birthday)

I can't believe that he is 7.
I can't believe I have a 7 year old.
He is such an amazing, kind, funny, smart boy.

For the last 3 of his birthdays we have either been in Hawaii or Mexico.
When it came time to plan his big day his first question was "where are we going this year for my birthday?"
Sorry kiddo.
 This year we are staying home.
But, you can have 4 friends over for a fun sleepover.

As his friends arrived he really wanted them to have a Lego t-shirt that they could make themselves.

He even made one for Molly.

Of all of the games we played, frogs in a cup was the funnest to watch.

The movie choice was made by Doug. 
Thunderbirds are go!
It was a movie Doug use to watch as a kid and the boys got a huge kick out of it.

He really wanted a Lego cake.
The only thing I could think of was to make 4 small different colored cakes, cut them into little rectangles and then piece them all together into the shape of a seven and cover it all up with white frosting.
It actually turned out pretty good.
Those where the only candles I could find. Thankfully my kids are use to that sort of thing and just roll with.
They are awesome like that..

After cake for breakfast everyone headed out to the park for some nurf time.

One of my favorite things was the personalized Jone's soda we had made for him.
There was even room on the back for a message to him.
Love, love, love JONES soda!
We lucked out and had a groupon for buy one case get one free.

Once all of his friends went home he was able to start in on many days of Lego building.

His party with friends was a week before his actual big day. 
His family party that was the night before his birthday and was at my sisters home.
Thank you Ann Marie for letting us take over your home!
 You are an amazing Auntie and sister!

I love this picture. 
I love how young he looks.

LEGO's, LEGO's and some more LEGO's

The first birthday that he doesn't want a LEGO set will be so sad for me.
What age do you think that will be?

I couldn't resit getting a picture of the girls with my sisters dog Louie.

Molly's hair always looks messed up.
 I really need to deal with that....

Thank you G-mama!!
I'm sure LEGO's will be bought with this!
We love and miss you tons!!!

The next morning was finally the big day!
He was officially 7
And one more set of LEGO's

And one more day of building.

While Colin built Doug and Molly read us a fun story.

Pancakes shaped liked present for breakfast and one more happy birthday song.

His last surprise was a trip to the motorcycle show with dad.
Poor Doug had to pry the LEGO's out of Colin's hands to get him to go. Once Colin found out where they where going he was super excited!
That night the kiddo got to spend the night with my mom and Doug and I got to spend the night having a ton of fun at a holiday party.
Thank you Grammy!

Now its time to get ready for Christmas...


  1. Happy Birthday Colin!! What a wonderful day -- love all the pics and the new header. Tomorrow is Jimmy's 6th birthday, these things get harder every year. He wants a Pokemon cake ... that should be easy (yeah right)

  2. So cute! I am glad you guys all had such a festive weekend. :) Crazy that you are now the mom of a 7 year old! Love, Sam


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