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Monday, August 8, 2011

away we go...

While I wondered around the house trying to remember things to pack for our Montana trip little home girl worked on her painting skills with her brother.  

As I remembered something it would get thrown into one of the many piles.
-medicine related stuff

Eventually we made it out of the house, as we always do and only 30 minutes behind schedule. 
Away we went making our way East to Montana.

With a fun ice cream pit stop 5 hours into our 10 hour drive to lift some spirits.
Mostly mine.
 That is one lloonnggg drive.

But so worth it.
I love seeing their smiles while floating in crystal clear water

And the amazing mountains behind them.

And miles of smiles when they hang with Grammy.

Unless you are Molly.
She always has miles of smiles for us.

If you are back at home I have some awesome info for you!
Juice in the City's deal this Monday is amazing!!

Good for 1 adult and 1 child

Price is only $15.00 with a $31.00 value

This is such a fantastic deal.
We LOVE, LOVE the Seattle aquarium

And we are always looking for fun things to do in the city and this is for sure one of our favorites!

Even if you don't live in the Seattle area check and see if there is a Juice in your city!

You can  sign up for Juice in the City's daily deals so you never miss a great deal. And of course you can  follow them on Facebook and/or twitter.

Disclaimer: The last part of this post is  sponsored by Juice in the City and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City daily deals. All statements and opinions are mine.


  1. This trip looks wonderful! The water looks so cool and inviting!

  2. What a great family time! All 3 kids looked like they were having lots of fun!

  3. O.K..I'm trying to post and my google account is all screwed up. It's so sad. I'll try again.

    Lake time is the best time! Hope you all are having a blast!!

    Julie from the peanut gallery


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