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Friday, July 29, 2011

good morning

 Morning comes too early some days in this home. This morning was one of those mornings.
My cute little first born requested for breakfast a stack of pancakes with a square piece of butter on top and syrup driping all over the place.
I can totally picture the commercial he saw in my head right now. Mostly because I have been watching the same Mrs. Butters-worth commercial for the last 30+ years.
What do you think? Does my copy cat look good?
It's the Cinnamon roll pancake recipe minus the cinnamon roll part. 

Not to be left out.
Little miss powered through more of her stack then Colin.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. 
We played in the sun, mowed the lawn and hung out with Doug before he had to go to work.
Molly fell in love with a very "pretty" necklace today.

I think she likes that the necklace because it makes her feel fancy.
Even with her very dirty dress.
I let her wear it while taking her nap today. I'm not sure I'm OK with her sleeping all night with it on.

Once our nightly dance party started and she got her dress up dress on her outfit was complete.

Our new favorite song to dance to is Tonight, tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. If you push play on my playlist at the top of the page you can dance to it too! Its fantastic!

Give a huge shout out to our Hobo. 
Mr. Hobo has been on a trip to where ever it is that Hobos go for awhile. 
Where ever he was he lost his stick for his overnight bag. 
It must have been one crazy party.
All that matters is that he is finally home and I love having him back above my sink.

Next to my good luck frog, the ring my sister gave me when I had Molly, the snowman Colin made me last Christmas and the perfect flower bud vase.
All of my favorite things.

During our dance party tonight we could only get a "raise the roof" from Colin.
He was too busy driving his newly constructed boat hauler.

I think this is my new favorite.
Nicely done Colin. Nicely done.

Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend!

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