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Thursday, March 31, 2011

first field trip!

This little big kindergartner had his first field trip at school today. He was so excited and to think he almost had to miss it because he got the flu at the beginning of the week.
But here we I am mentally getting ready for his venture to this city without me.
I.d. written inside his shoe. check
Brightest shirt I could find in his closet on him. check
reviewed any safety info I could think of with him. check
And in the end once the day was over he was safe and sound and back with us where he belongs.
I know...I know. But he is my first born.

Not to be left out


  1. Did she demand shoe writing too?? :)

  2. that s 3 little duck so cute. kindly visit back my blog n click some ads for support. tq

  3. I really like Molly's dress! Sam

  4. I feel your anxiousness! I hope he had a great time on the field trip.

  5. wow how exciting a first field trip can be. I have a 7th grader and a 2nd grader and field trips are the best :)
    ~Michelle~Visiting from mom loop Friday follow

  6. I love the you put id on his shoe! Stopping from Mom Loop!


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