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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 going on 4

Molly is turning 2 in 13 days. Just writing that make me a little lot sad. This little human came out yelling here I am world hear me roar!
This last week she has really reminded me what a strong personality she has. She got sick last week and this week it turned into a sinus infection and boy does she get angry when she is sick. 
Once she starting feeling better she is a lot of fun.
And this little girl can drink out of a glass better then any of my other kids and they are 6 and 4
Love you Molls...
and yes the mug says "little miss chatterbox"
Love these mugs. they are the perfect size for their hands
Colin's is Mr. messy and Molly is supposed to be drinking out of Little miss sunshine.
Thank you again Ann Marie for the mugs!

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