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Monday, January 3, 2011

catch up

I feel like I'm finally getting caught up on everything since our trip to Mexico. But then again I'm in complete denial that Christmas and New Years eve have come and gone. I remember thinking a year ago when we were planning our vacation that it seemed so far away. And now it is all over. Holidays and vacations are both so exciting leading up to the day and then its awesome as you are living it....then its over.
BAM! Reality. But then again reality isn't so bad. I love getting my house put back together and getting everyone back on a routine.
The only true bummer part is that Doug and I can't start working off the holiday pounds we gained because we are both sick, again.

Here are some of the greatest hits
Emilie LOVES the bike Santa brought her

Colin of course LOVES all of his new LEGO's and his TAG map

Christmas blew this little one's mind.

And the hits kept coming

She really mastered present opening

She then got busted enjoying her crayons

Colin spent all day building

Then we danced and danced to our new (to us) record player. I had an old fisher price one that I got when I was Colin's age and it finally passed away this year. (Stuff was made sooooo much better back in the day)  All of those awesome old records finally have a new home to spin on!!

Colin's (official) birthday party
finally happened the Monday after Christmas at Chuck E Cheese. He loved it!! It was his first ever friend birthday party and he had so much fun sharing his big day with his best buds.

Happy 6th birthday Colin
You are such an amazing boy!

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