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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another GREAT Halloween!

We started the morning out making place-mats.
 Laminators are so AWESOME.
Colin is getting so good at drawing houses. If my scanner hadn't taken a crap tonight I would have scanned in his latest artwork.

Emilie showed off the one she made at school.

CAN NOT get enough of her grill

Molly went as our little rocker

Doug was Caesar
Emilie was a ballerina
And at that moment Colin was a bird

Me and my girls.
2 ballerina's and 1 rocker

Molly's first and only trick or treat.
After they handed her the beautiful packets of candy corn we lost her to the stroller where she sat eating her treasure the rest of the night.

Colin's original costume.
It's a ghost...Although during the night he was asked if he was the ghost from charlie brown's Halloween special or the friend from fat Albert. I liked them both

BEST COSTUME EVER!! It even worked!!
 I never got thirsty on our journey.

The gang!
Once again Colin was the only dude.
Doesn't matter when you are sprinting from door to door

Another great night with Family and Friends!!

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