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Friday, July 23, 2010


I promised you the world again

Everything within my hands
All the riches one could dream
They will come from me

I hoped that you could understand
That this is not what I had planned
Please don’t worry now
It will turn around

Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we’ll be fine
So say what’s on your mind
Cause I can’t figure out just what’s inside
    -from more time by Needtobreath

I love music! Like the lyrics to the song above, they hit me right in my heart every time
I hear them, and no mater what situation I am in they fit perfectly.

For me the 90's was the Dave Mathews Band. I fought wild land fires for the Forest Service those 10 years and all of their song worked for me. Got me through all of the tough times. well, and a little Alanis Morissette. To this day if I hear a certain Dave song I am sent back to that day that the song got me through.

now that I am a lot older and I have three kiddos songs mean so much more to me. when my dad died I stoped listening to music. Every song made me cry.

Now music is back and on almost 24 hours a day. Even my blog has tunes.  I am very sorry to those of you that hate music on blogs but I LOVE IT! I love visiting someones blog and hearing the music they love. To me it really says something about that person. I keep my little play list up high on the right so you can pause it. But my music is awesome! and you should turn in up :-)

I also love visiting all of your blogs while listening to my music. Its like having a soundtrack to all of my favorite stops. To the right of my post are my favorite blogs. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is see who up dated. I get so excited to sit down and read them with my coffee. Its like getting a people magazine delivered to my door every morning. So THANK YOU beautiful ladies that up date daily!!

I'm off to go run and listen to my awesome running play list and then come home and listen to some more Pandora radio...What would I do with out music? Oh shit..I would have to listen to my own thoughts...


  1. Hi Dana,
    I don't keep music on my site but I just started posting soundtracks for the month. I use the same site you do :) July's soundtrack was all about Backyard BBQs. You can sample it here

    Hope you find something you like, can't wait for next months soundtrack ... haven't come up with my theme yet though ... definitely something for hot weather

  2. I love music too. THere is just something about having music too. Thought I'd add that I have found some pretty cool songs from this really cool blog I found. It's called My 3 Little Ducks!


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