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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Morning from the cabin...

 This is such an amazing place...
Its where I become calm
Its a place that my children will always remember.
 There is no scheduled but there is always something to do.
Something that I never do is read books, but on this trip I did.
 On this trip I actually kicked back and enjoyed doing...nothing.
and it was wonderful!

 I slept better this week then I have in years. At least 8 hours every night and I woke up to this sweet face every morning begging me to throw a ball into the lake for him.

 And in case I didn't see him...He made sure I got the message...

And this little dude made sure that we knew he was there every morning waiting for left over toast.

And this sweet morning face....

Everyday has been perfect.
Even with the rain the first part of the week we found new ways to be together.
Doug played scrabble for the first time with me after the kiddos went to bed and we brought a kid version with us from home

and does anyone remember the game
I loved this game growing up. Playing it with my family was/is such a treat.

On the 4Th the rain held off long enough for us (Doug and I) to enjoy some fireworks. the kiddos are still unsure and watched from inside the car. and Molly once again missed the festivities and was in bed with her white noise cranked.
(this was suppose to be a "chicken laying an egg" but it just looked like a "chicken doing a burn out" which for me was way better!


We did convince them to come out for some Pop-its which Emilie thought she needed to jump up when she threw them down.


And of course sparklers...


Once Emilie crawled into bed we ear plugged up Colin, coated on the bug spray, found some blankets gathered a few beers and headed outside for the big shows. Which thankfully(wow I am such a mom) got rained out at 130am



Colin would say the best part of this trip has been his madden voyage on his dirt bike. He has truly taken to it to water.



It has been so much fun to watch. He has even become my new running partner. After an hour of chasing him down trails and roads I am beat. But the whole time I am beaming with pride. He is so safe and brave I am in awe. I know that my time is short that I will get to watch him ride. Before long his old mom will run too slow and he will be riding with his dad.
It makes me choke up just writing that...


Emilie has also found her new favorite thing. riding the 4 wheeler with her dad. He can not go fast enough and do enough burn outs on dirt road. I promise we are riding only where we should :-)

so there it is...part 1
have a great night....

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  1. Beautiful! I love them all! And you've got a little BMXer on your hands, eh?


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