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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday flip off...Cabin edition

This week has been so great that there is so few things to flip off.  But there is always...something...

To time...Flip off...You move to quickly once the half way mark it met. Sunday felt so far away last Friday and now you are almost here.

To the mosquitoes...Really? you have to attack  every body part on me, my kids, my husband and my dog?

To the blister on my heal from running next to my little motorcycle dude...flip off! you are huge and you hurt.

It is so rare that I don't add pictures to my post. I love pictures and really feel they help tell the story. But, time doesn't take very good pictures, the mosquitoes are too fast and my blister/feet are really ugly. Imagination is going to have to do for today's post.

So, that's all folks..sorry to rub it in but this week has been awesome!! And now I'm off to go for another run with a grand finally canon ball into the lake. OK that's a lie...I hate to swim, but I will dangle my feet into the lake.

Now check out some more friday flip off at here and have a great Friday!


  1. That's crackin me up. You are funny. I think pics tell my stories better too, but that time thing gets me too. Sorry about the mosquitoes and blisters. Great FFOs.

  2. LOL awesome flips! I can't stand mosquito too and I'm the one that they always target LOL.

  3. Me and my kids are always the target of multiple husband never gets bit. he must smell bad. LOL!

    Glad you had a great week!


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