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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My day...

I thought this would be a fun one to try.
Donna over at The Motherhood Truth got this one up and running. She is hilarious with great pictures and you have to check her out!
Here are the rules:
{'My Day in Photos' allows you to tell your readers about your day in five photos - you can be as artistic as you like - feel free to edit them to give yourself an amazing backside, or leave them raw (and if someone knows how to edit my photos to give me an amazing backside, can you please email me?). One rule however - I want to know about YOUR day, not just your kids day. At least one photo needs to tell us about you!}

I didn't follow the rules completely. The "you" photo this week is Doug. At least it's not one of the kiddos...

Between School and T-ball we had swimming, RIP lawn mower {I guess this week all of our appliances are going to take a crap. Any guesses on which one will be next?} scooter time out front then a very COLD t-ball practice.


I realized that is is really hard for me to just use five photo's...Just like it is hard for me to stop talking...


  1. Dana, I want to jump right in that pool along with Colin and Emilie. And is that lawnmower ON FIRE? Somehow I think my husband would secretly love it if that happened to ours, so he would have an excuse this weekend to not mow.
    Thankyou so much for joining in, they are gorgeous photos and it was a great chance to check out your blog. I hope you can join us again next week!

  2. Love the action pool shots! reminds me of being a kid.

    So glad you joined in!!


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