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Sunday, April 18, 2010

puzzles...and Contest!!

He finally got it...
The puzzle bug...
I love puzzles, I would love to always have a puzzle being put together.
I've always wanted to have one up and running so that when family or friends come by they could add a piece or two.
But...My house too small to have a square table taking up space.
For Christmas my sister gave us this giant piece of felt that came with a tube that rolls up your puzzle and keeps it nice and safe until next time.
It's working  great for Colin's puzzles. He can have them out all day and then put away when we need the table back.
I was shocked by this puzzle, it had all of the pieces!! We picked up a few new-to-us puzzles and Goodwill and almost always there is one or more pieces missing and it has become a game to us {guess how many pieces are missing}
But this one was all there. We all got that guess wrong. I guessed 4, Colin 5 and Emilie 40. She always says 40.
This is our next puzzle...
Can you guess how many pieces are missing in this one?
The winner will  even get a surprise!  You can even guess the same as one of us. Folks can guess until we are done putting it together. Its pretty sunny out so it could be awhile.
Colin said 1
I think 4
Emilie 40
For a dollar these puzzles bring a ton of fun to our little family. Plus this one glows in the dark.
Good luck!!


  1. I'll saw ZERO, just cuz I'm trying to be the "glass half full" girl.

  2. out of 100 pieces on a "vintage" puzzle...I am gonna have to say 17 pieces. That is why it was at Goodwill.

  3. If you happen to buy a puzzle that is missing the entire outer edge that would be mine. I was on a cleaning blitz and accidentally added the box to the donation pile; only I had just started it and literally only finished the outside.

    I tried hard to track it down (I really wanted to finish it) but ultimately I had to throw away my completed edge. Hopefully whoever bought it has a sense of humor.



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