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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Changes on Wednesday

Today was great!
After reading about becoming a carbon neutral blog it really got the kids and I inspired.
Why not try everyday to do something different to help our planet.
But really do something different once a week. For us wendsday is perfect!! It trash truck pick up day.

These are the things the kiddos and I put together for today:

I would have loved to have been able to walk wherever we need to go today, but that wasn't possible. Maybe next week...
Once we got home and had lunch we headed out to pick up trash as a family around the neighborhood.

In the morning I had the kiddos pick out their utensils for the day. I love Colin's choices. Auntie gave these to him last year and he uses them all of the time!(not the one on the plate)

The storms this spring are amazing!! Luckily we made it the whole two hours without getting wet. The moment we stepped into the garage the sky opened up and POORED!!

Colin has gotten a ton of use of my old Audubon books. I love it!

We ended our day with a fun butterfly/caterpillar craft.

Over all we had a really good time doing this. The kids picked up on it and really took ownership over it. At the dentist Colin got a sticker and after he took the sticker off of the paper backing he said "oh no! Trash...what do i do?? Oh recycle it, phew."

The hardest part for Emilie is her love affair with frozen nutri-grain bars. I let her have one because Colin said he would make art out of the wrapper. Tomorrow I am going to try a receipt for home made bars that supposedly taste the same.  We'll see...

Some things thankfully where really easy for us:
We haven't had paper towels/napkins in the house for years. just a drawer full of towels.
We use cloth diapers and wipes
Almost 95% of the food we eat has to be made and is NOT prepackaged. I've worked really hard on that. Other then the obvious health perks of that one I also have a pantry that is storage for pots and Tupperware and not prepackaged food.

I was surprised at how far one dryer sheet can go.
And how awesome we all  felt at the end of the day!
I can't wait to do it again next week!!

Hopefully some of you will join us!!
I'm thinking a give away would be fun...hmmm....

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