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Friday, March 12, 2010

what's a super awesome mom to do?

Emilie was feeling a lot better today. Her cold is finally leaving her little body. She was nicer to all of us today and in return I was a lot nicer today.
After the hail came through Emilie really wanted to touch it.
So what is a super awesome mom like myself to do....(I know that I am not, by the way)
Let her touch it. In her underwear. I told her it was cold out and that she should go get some pants.
But...Emilie dances to her own tune and said she was fine with just a coat.
Colin new better and went upstairs and got some warmer clothes.
Because I am such an awesome mom I cheered her on as she went down the slide in wet underwear...
love ya Em....Wet underwear, cold wet slide do not go good together.
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