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Thursday, February 18, 2010

You know my motto by now? It can always be done tomorrow.
                                                           -Ann Hadley

Now for the back story.

My sister is in the middle of making a few much needed home improvements. The most recent one is having their floors sanded and stained. To get that done they had to remove all of their molding and doors.

Molding is still off.

Bathroom door is still unhung.

After spending the day with my sister and my 3 kids and her two teenagers plus a friend we still do not have a bath room door hung.

but... my sister felt this was plenty of barrier between the kitchen and toliet.

But it is not....
So I offered to put down my glass of wine and hang the door.
But my sister said " Don't you know my motto by now? It can always be done tomorrow."

P.S. After taking this photo my sister's husband experienced our laughter while he went potty-farting aka pafarting, he then finally decided it was time to hang the bathroom door so we would shut up.
Time: 10:58PM

P.S.S.   Not only was the bathroom door off all day, but her fridge is still living in the family room, plugged in and working.  Another great quote from my sister (true story) "I don't think my ice maker is working" now remember it is still sitting in her family room.  So I replied, "did you remember to hook up the water over there?"  (yes I was joking/laughing AT her)

Family Room location
(notice all the toys/balls/shoes laying around, I went to pick them up when the kids went
to bed and my sister said, "why? they are still going to want to play
with them tomorrow, just leave them!" So I picked up my wine and sat down.
Future location...ETA unknown
I hope you all notice her brand new floors look great!

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