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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's day party take 2...

Now it was Colin's turn to celebrate the day of love, kindness and sugar. I'm amazed at how many holidays are focused around eating junk and this is one of the biggest.  I am just as guilty. I should have had Colin make cute little heart valentines and sign his name. But noooo I gave in to the little blue eyed boy and got his friends some candy.
But unlike Emilie's valentines day party I was not up until 11 pm getting stuff done. I was done with Colin's by an early 1030PM.
I wrapped the boxes and Colin decorated them and signed the heart shaped cards. He was very sweet about the stickers. Each friend got different ones based on what Colin thought they would like. We did this last year and he liked it so much he remembered and really wanted to do it again.
When it came time for the party he really wanted his dad to be there. Poor dad had to wake up at 1030am (he is at work until 4am) to be at Colin school by 11 to then be in a room with 11 mommies and their giant cameras. Doug armed with his IPhone still did an awesome job taking a few pictures. Thanks babe!

Colin loved it.
 It took a full day of detoxing from the candy, frosting and juice and being irrational and a little nasty. Now he is back and counting down the days until the next great holiday in a little boys mind. Easter.
Sorry Colin, mom is going to do it right this year and surprise you with a new swim suit and towel.
I really don't want to revisit the sugar crash of 09.
Happy Valentine's day little dude! I love you so much!!

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