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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I did it!!

I have been putting this awful task off for at least a year and half. But today I did it!! I cleaned behind the nasty washer and painted the laundry room!!
When I say nasty it was nasty! I washed my dogs bed one day and something bad happened during the wash and dirty water came back up the out tube. And remember this was over a year ago.
As long as nothing dropped behind the washer that  needed retrieving I never saw the nastiness I would then go about my day.
For this job to get done I had to move the washer and dryer away from the wall. Since I am always doing laundry when would I have time?  Today I did!
 I made sure everyone had their clothes on for the afternoon and made everyone promise that no outfit changes would be happening. Seriously people it is not the Academy awards.

Here is the before as I am wrestling the most
awkward piece of household furniture
Colin really wanted to help paint.
The corner where the water hoses are use to be black. yuck!

I even got myself in action

I always miss a corner...and I never find it until all is cleaned up.
I know, I know... blue. It was on sale for 10 bucks because it was a miss mix and it was Devine paint, which is awesome paint. One coat and cleaned up really easy.
And easy folks it just a tiny laundry room.

Hurray for awesome!
 It will be so much fun doing laundry tomorrow...
Well maybe one load will be fun.

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