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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes, Max is still doing well.

Blogger Sam here with the latest Max update.  I don't know if he will sleep for a month or not. He is sleeping pretty hard at night as it is. I think he misses his family. :)

a. it won't stop raining.

b. I give up trying to keep Max out of the puddles.

Max hasn't stole any of my food in a couple of days but did mysteriously chew on a roll of toilet paper when I left him alone for a few hours. I have no idea why; but tonight he comes to class with me. I caught him yesterday with his head under a pillow at my house and a cat nearby. I believe for Max that is coping. Unfortunately I never have a camera around for most of the cat interactions because some are pretty funny.

We have been walking a little bit most of days but this rain is pretty discouraging. Today we did spend a lot more time at another gate on the North Fork that he actually knows really well. He did a lot of circles through the woods and was thrilled at the size of the puddles. I actually have never experienced a dog that loves water this makes him so incredibly happy. :)

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