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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

Today was a good day. We stayed in our PJs all day and I think the kiddos only fought about 6 times. When they did play nice one of the games they played was hide from the monster. With out knowing she was the monster Molly chased them all over the family room.
If Molly was a monster she would have to be the Drool Monster. Her drool is on over drive. That poor girl is always cutting a new tooth and the really sad part is our dog Max is shedding and after Molly crawls around for awhile she looks like she has a goatee. I need to get a picture of that!
Our kids have figured out that there is a fantastic world out there for them on the computer. Nick Jr, Playhouse Disney and PBS kids to name a few of their favorites. With out realizing it Emilie spent about 3 hours on the computer. I know that sounds awful but no one was fighting and the time flew by. I got alot done in that 3 hours.
Today is also my first day of new to me great ideas. The reason why I am saying new to me is because my sister informed me today that she has known about the microwave cleaning trick forever. Really, forever?? Why didn't you tell me!!!
Today's amazing idea is from the blog Nap Time journal. she has so many great ideas and advice! Today idea is called a quiet book It is very cool. You have to see the pictures to get a better idea. Seriously anything called a quiet book and you have kids under the age of 8 sound intriguing. (Sorry Ann Marie) It looks like alot of work but I think it would be a fun process. If the link dosent work let me know and I will get one that works to you.
I still can't believe it is 2010...

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  1. you crack me up!!! I don't ever have to call you again, I am going to just read your blog! Now I know what you did while I sat at Highline community college watching 8 hours of volleball! I love this blog! and I love your new title "new too me" very smart!
    p.s. I still can't figure out how to post


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