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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IDEA #9 It's Hard to Eat Right

 okay I am cheating a little bit.  I just posted this on my blog and thought I would post it over on my sisters blog too!  I hope you find it helpfull.

*okay I have to laugh, here I can't even make the time  to come up with an orginal post for my sisters blog but Dana's guest blogger #1 will have hiked another mountain today!  Geez, Sam you are amazing.  Max is going to sleep for a month when you give him back.

I am always amazed at how hard it is to make the right choices when it comes to eating. But I have realized the secret to eating right is...BE intentional about your eating, make a plan . Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • Meal Plan for the week (even if it is only three meals a week that is a great start) and this isn't just for dinner, think about lunches too. Be proactive when you wake up in the morning ask yourself what am I having for lunch. My favorite lunch item right now: tuna fish (light on the mayo) on top of 1/2 an avocado. This is really satisfying!

  • Challenge yourself to eat those veggies and fruits before they die . (it is one thing to buy the veggies and fruits but how many of us end up throwing some of them out a week later because they died in our frig?) *today I came home from the gym and sautéed broccoli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes. I sprinkled Trader Joe's Pasta Seasoning Blend on top while it sautéed and then sprinkled a little bit of parmesan cheese on top when it was done cooking. All of these veggies were a day away from dying in my frig. So I cooked them up for lunch with a piece of left over chicken! Success... a great lunch.

  • Frozen Fruits and Frozen Veggies are a great choice too. It is expensive to eat right. So remember to check the frozen food isle, especially in the winter!

  • It all starts with breakfast. What are you and your children eating for breakfast. My 16-year-old asked me last night if I would make her eggs this morning. (this was something I did all fall when she was playing varsity volleyball. She said I really think I do better at school when I have a good breakfast!) OMG I am actually doing something right as a parent! Breakfast ideas: eggs, german pancake, oatmeal, egg on an english muffin, egg wrapped in a tortilla, crepes, protein smoothie, yogurt, especially greek yogurt, cereal but read the labels watch the salts and sugars. Can't get your kids to eat a healthy cereal try LIFE.

  • Eat five fruits and five vegetables a day for optimal health? Think about your day right did you do? How did your kids do? I have started a little chart on our fridge that tracks each person in our family and they get to put a check on the chart when they eat a fruit or vegetable for that day. We are doing this as an awareness challenge for our family and also so the kids can learn to take ownership over their food choices. This is also good for me because I am a huge enabler! We call the chart the HIGH FIVE Chart...because we need to have how many fruits and veggies a day? That's right FIVE. Plus when my son puts a check on the chart he gets a high five...sometimes it really is the simple things, unfortunately the 16-year-old didn't care so much for the high five idea she thought the $5.00 chart sounded better!

These are just a few ideas to help you and your family eat right in this crazy, crazy world where many of us are all on the go 24/7! I really do believe eating right, really starts with having a plan and then actually following through with the plan. But remember, it isn't about being perfect it is about trying and then trying again!

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