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Friday, January 29, 2010

All day...

I spent all day working on a project today that I though for sure would take a couple hours at most. WRONG!! I now remember why I don't do stuff at by myself. It's really hard! Especially when the kiddos where extra needy today. Or I wasn't at their beck and call (I even looked that up). Either way here is what I did.
                         After Magnetic paint and boarder made out of corks. Did not think about having to do a boarder until I removed the tape. Whoops...
I also had some 12x12 pieces of wood cut and painted them with magnetic pant and hung them on the wall. The kiddos helped me pick their boarders around the wood. Colin picked rocks, I picked Penny's for Molly(she is my lucky penny) and Emilie really wanted the corks. What ever works for ya Em.
All of the above painting idea's I got from a very good friend who I am sure will have much better luck with them then me!
For the record I never have an individual thought. I am surrounded by amazing people that I get my ideas from Or a magazine I saw in passing and now from my new favorite pass time reading blogs!!

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