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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Clamming on the coast with friends

We had an amazing Saturday up here in the Pacific Northwest.
To celebrate feeling the sun on our faces we went clamming which is something we have never done before.

We went with our good friends that had the supplies and the skills.

Its a count down to this little nuggets 7th birthday

About a million other people had the same great idea

This little lady finally got one!

By the end of the day Colin found 9

Team work had to happen today even if Emilie did not want it to.

When the sun started to settle in the sky behind some the clouds the lighting became breathtaking. 

Theses two have such a fierce love hate relationship.
I think the warm sun and beautiful view inspired them to be kind to each other for a brief magical moment.

Love these three nuggets

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a year?

 Has it really been over a year since I typed anything new on my blog??
This last year was insane!
  Most if I can't write about on my little place on the internet.
What I can put on here is these amazing nuggets.
 My amazing boy turned 10 this last December
Go Hawks!
 This fabulous girl is turning 8 next week
And this amazing nugget turns 6 next month.
Time is moving so fast.
Sometimes I really feel like I am unable to keep up.
Until next time I will leave you with my favorite quote
The secret
to getting ahead:
Focus on
your own sh/t

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This summer was fantastic from beginning to end and went by way too fast.
Days after school got out I loaded these three little nuggets into my car with my sister and headed South. Our destination was Ojai, CA but we wanted to see as much as possible on the way.
Once we got thru Oregon we stopped in to say hi to the red woods in Northern Cal.

You can not go south without a hello to the golden gate bridge
We said goodnight to the San Francisco fog and headed to Monterey.

Took a nice drive down the coast.

Had lunch before we made it to our destination

Made it
and now we rest
Surprise visit with our best friends


We took a fun trip to Orange/Riverside county to show my kiddos and sister my past.
The past that made me who I am.
Finally made it to the La Brea Tar Pits.

It was awesome!!

Along came the end of July.
Which means time to take my little family East to the best place on earth.
Our cabin in Montana really is the best place to stop and think.
  This year we took a day trip/hike up to Leigh lake

Like I said...
the best place to think

Take morning kayak trips around the lake with my kiddos

Finally captured one of the lightning storms that came thru this summer

Still day dreaming....

Lots of laughs and smiles

This was the first summer since my twenties that I floated, napped and wandered around our beloved lake.

Like I said.
this summer went by way too fast.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Every year gets better and better. 
I can finally enjoy the beach and not have one of my 3 kids complaining about something.
When it rains instead of screaming like its acid my kids look up at the sky, smile and love it.

We try to chase the low tide as many times as we can.
This chase we brought some friends along.

Bringing friends is such a treat.
We are all reminded how special this place is with every squeal and oh my gosh mom look at that!

Max never forgets how amazing this place is.
He can run and run and run....

Treasures found with friends will always be the best treasures.

and running...



  The sun stars are amazing!

{Siblings XOX}


Molly and Doug had a ton of fun searching out crabs

Max as also found a new love in hunting crabs.
He was obsessed with them. 
He would mess with them until he had his nose chomped on at least a dozen times. 

After that he finally mellowed out...


Little Miss had a field trip this week.
And she was excited

Off to the zoo we went.

It was really neat to see her so excited.
I have this same picture somewhere from when Emilie went at this age.

I couldn't resist.
If only there could have been 3 of them swimming around...

 Happy spring!!

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